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About Bolt consulting.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the highest quality employment solutions to our clients through the recruitment of Canadian and international workers who best meet their specific requirements, while at the same time providing quality employment opportunities to international workers with specialized skills. We intend to realize this mission through a commitment to superior business practices designed to ensure the highest value to the client, the employees, Work Global Canada Inc., and the country of Canada. To utilize our knowledge and expertise to assist Canadian employers to fulfill all of their various human resource and labor requirements through a variety of consulting services, third-party representation, and recruitment & selection services aimed at matching them with the best possible candidates worldwide.

Our vision

As we believe in the continued positive outlook of Canada, it is our vision to be recognized as the international recruitment solution provider of choice for employers throughout Canada who have a need for specific skills or competencies that cannot be filled through their local labor market. To be recognized as the recruitment provider of choice for employers throughout Canada who have a need for specific skills or competencies, and helping to improve the Canadian economy through working to minimize gaps in the countries labor market.